Pop Up Weddings Coming Soon!

Have you heard of Pop Up Weddings? Are you wondering what exactly is a Pop Up Wedding?

A Pop Up Wedding is an affordable option for any engaged couple who desires a smaller elegant wedding or a lavish and fun elopement, but doesn’t want to sacrifice their style or personality. Many couples are looking for a way to avoid the stress of wedding planning, but still want the beautifully designed wedding and great pictures. The Pop Up wedding planning process is hassle free as most of the wedding details such as locations, photographer, minister, flowers, décor and other details are pre-designed. All the couple has to do is come dressed, bring a marriage license and a few friends to witness their day. These weddings give you everything a traditional wedding would provide, with a fun and intimate experience for much less than the cost of the average wedding. A Pop Up Wedding is perfect for couples who want to create lasting memories but can’t afford the extras. A small wedding for 2 or a few more doesn’t mean having to go to the courthouse.

pop up wedding

We are officially launching Piece of Cake Pop Up Weddings in Central Florida thanks to local vendors. Piece of Cake Pop Up Weddings are legal wedding ceremonies that are held at various venues in the Central Florida area, including Gainesville, Tampa, Orlando and many more cities. Once the date is chosen and the contract is signed couples simply show up with their marriage license to the designated venue. The service compares to the cost of a typical wedding in Orange County, Florida, which ranges anywhere from $18000 to $32000.

pop up wedding

Young Love Events will host up to five weddings on each date, with the first Piece of Cake Pop Up Wedding taking place in December. Piece of Cake Pop Up Weddings service is provided in collaboration with several Central Florida vendors and is affiliated with the International Pop Up Wedding Association, IPUWA. IPUWA along with Piece of Cake Pop Up Weddings will sponsor a special New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day Pop Up Wedding. Visit http://www.ipuwa.com for more information on the association.

Visit http://www.PieceofCakePopUp.com for more information and to book your date!


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