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How did you two meet:

Carl and I both met in 2009. We both worked at Taco Bell. Taco Lovers! I don’t know why he worked for Taco Bell as much as he loves Burgers. I call him Junior Bacon Cheese. Plus his real name is Carl Baker Jr so it all just goes together lol.

When did you know he was going to be your husband, did he know before you:

I knew that he was going to be my husband because of who he was. Carl and I are a match made in heaven. The sacrifices that I have witnessed Carl put in for this relationship is a beautiful thing. He has always made me feel special in every aspect. He has helped me become a better person and whenever you can bring someone into your life that can change your stubborn ways you definitely have a winner. We complete each other. Many of our family and friends refer to us the Power Couple!

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How did he propose, when, where:

Well Carl is a very shy person rather he will admit it or not. Carl proposed on Sept 15, 2012! Yes it’s been a long time lol. I was asleep and Carl woke me up but he was sitting on the Floor beside the bed right next to me. He told me happy birthday and asked me to marry him. I honestly thought it was just one of my many dreams about us being engaged but it was reality. I immediately cried and said “Yes!” I called up my entire family! I must admit he has good taste. lol

Describe your wedding in three words:

Elegant, romantic and exciting

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day:

I’m looking forward to everything honestly. When you have such a group of good people It’s hard to just say one thing….Wait! Im looking forward to seeing my Junior Bacon Cheese Ballroom dance with his two left feet. OMG!

What do you two do in your free time:

In our free time we go shopping and go to the gym. We watch all the shows on TV together and cuddle, of course it’s my favorite.

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