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Love Tips: 5 Red Flags to Spot on Wedding-Vendor Contracts

Part of my morning ritual is reading through my favorite blogs. This morning I saw this article and decided to change up my post for love tips this week. This article lists key items that you should watch out for when you are signing contracts with wedding vendors. If you have a wedding planner you will most likely have someone that is on top of this. If you book a day of coordinator they will review your contracts and tell you if you’ve missed a red flag and how to fix it. I recently had something like this come up with one of my brides who booked me for day of coordination. After reviewing her contract it stated that all vendors would be setting up their items the day before, including draping, the florist…now this was just crazy! I really could not understand why the venue would have that on the contract to begin with but it was something my bride overlooked and it became a huge issue, thankfully we got it worked out and we were able to go in the day of for setup but it’s just a reminder to read those contracts!

5 Red Flags to Spot on Wedding-Vendor Contracts – published on
by Sandy Malone

“Wedding contracts can become a blur, especially if you’re signing a lot of them. If you don’t have a a professional planner reviewing everything for you, you might miss some things that are “red flags” to those who regularly work in the wedding business. Here are five really important things to watch for in every wedding-vendor contract:

1. Never sign a contract with a vendor who has a clause that prohibits you from reviewing them after the wedding.
As a client, you have a right to give your opinion on a vendor’s services on Wedding Wire or wherever else unless you sign something saying you won’t. Why would a vendor not want reviews? Probably because they’ve had a lot of bad ones in the past. Look for publicly-posted reviews on any vendor before you consider hiring them.

2. Pay careful attention to the minimum number of guests required in order for the vendor to honor the pricing offered in the contract.
If you’ve estimated 125 guests and the venue has listed 100 as your minimum, you’re in trouble if your acceptances come in at only 80 guests. That contract means they only have to honor the prices offered with 100 guests and in some cases it can require you to pay for the 20 that aren’t even there. Get the lowest minimum number on that contract that you possibly can.

3. Double and triple-check the dates and times on the contracts.
It’s easy to miss a small numerical error, but if the error happens to commit them to your wedding on Sunday instead of Saturday. Many vendors have multiple wedding clients in one day but some cannot. A florist or pastry chef can certainly deliver successfully to more than one venue. But you have to establish that delivery time early to make sure they’re actually blocked for when you need them on your wedding day. You don’t want the cake being set up in the middle of cocktails.

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4. Be wary of vendors with extreme cancellation policies.
It’s not uncommon for initial wedding deposits to be non-refundable, but some contracts require full payment if the wedding is cancelled less than 90 days prior to the wedding date. That’s a lot of money when they have three-month’s notice to book a new client. Sixty days is more appropriate and some are much more lenient.

5. Make sure the details of your order are perfect on the contract before you sign it.
If you told the florist yellow, and she wrote white, and you didn’t notice and signed the contract, you’re going to get white and it won’t be her fault. She’s not going to look at your flower order again until a couple weeks prior to the wedding date, and she’s not going to remember your conversation or notice her mistake at that point because you approved it the way it was written.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.”

March Madness brings 10% off Wedding Packages

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Young Love Events Featured on Weddings Unveiled

Another feature! Weddings Unveiled has graciously chosen to feature The Big Fake Wedding Orlando. We got to be a part of the show by showing our wedding day coordinator skills. Click the link to see the blog post on the event.

Young Love Events featured on Weddings Unveiled 

Young Love Events Orlando Wedding Coordinator




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The Big Fake Wedding Orlando

Orlando Wedding Coordinator

“The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional ceremony, a tasty dinner and a dance-party reception. “Wedding guests” are brides-and-grooms-to-be who get to truly experience the wedding vendors in action.”

The Big Fake Wedding Orlando is coming soon! This year Young Love Events has been selected to participate as a vendor doing the Day of Coordination for the wedding. We are beyond excited for this show because of its uniqueness and because we specialize in Day of Coordination for the Orlando area! As a guest you get to experience a real wedding and also you get to see the different aspects and vendors that usually are working behind the scenes. The other benefit of attending The Big Fake Wedding is that it doubles as a bridal show. Just like other bridal shows they have the “tunnel of love” where are the vendors will be to answer all of your questions and give you details about their companies and what they offer.

If you will be available next Wednesday, January 21st at 6pm I would love to meet you! We will have a special offer and giveaway so come through! This year The Big Fake Wedding will be held at the Orlando Science Center (how cool!!!). For more information and details about tickets you can always contact me! Hope to see you all there!

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