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Dan + Christi

Couple: Dan + Christi
Wedding Date: June 20, 2015
Wedding Venue: Ocoee Lakeshore Event Center
Cake: 4Rivers
Catering: 4Rivers
Rentals: Brass Pin Linen
Photographer: Jenna Michele Photography
DJ: Bob Jaeger
Wedding Coordination: Young Love Events

“I would recommend Nichole to anyone who needs a day of coordinator. She is very knowledgeable and was always there when I had any questions. She was always prompt in responding to emails. The day of the wedding she had everything under control and everything went smoothly with no worries.”

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Weekly Wrap Up

Orlando Wedding CoordinatorHey All!

I’m so happy to be doing this weekly wrap up as it will be my last before I am out on maternity leave. I am expecting a baby very soon and I will be going on maternity leave beginning on Monday, June 29th and will return on Monday, August 3rd. Enough of that and now onto last week’s events!

Last week was a wedding week so in tradition it consisted of a lot of last minute details and phone calls. Saturday’s wedding was a long time coming as the Bride’s mom hired us last year. I’ve been working with her for close to a year prepping for Saturday and all of our hard work paid off. Some things were easier than others but like always things turned out excellent. As a coordinator I always remind my clients that I will make sure everything goes smoothly, whether it’s according to plan or not. We had rehearsal on Thursday and we were able to finalize everything. Unfortunately the forecast was saying rain which we were worried would affect the pictures but God was looking out. Our amazing photographer was able to do all the pictures before the ceremony and we did not even have to worry about outdoor pictures in the rain (she did take an amazing shot of the couple with the rainbow…be on the lookout for when those pro pics are posted on the blog. The wedding was at Ocoee Lakeshore which is a beautiful fairly new venue. One of my favorite parts of the wedding, besides the grooms amazing grandparents dance moves was the cookie bar, which is a Pittsburg tradition. I can’t say I enjoyed the couples entrance song as it was the FSU fight song LOL…Go Gators! The wedding was full of personal touches and was a DIY wedding gone RIGHT! It was family oriented and focused and I loved that aspect. Here’s a couple phone shots for you all to enjoy!

I’ll stop by and post a weekly wrap up every now and then while I’m on leave but until then enjoy the Real Wedding posts that are coming up!

xxx Nichole


Orlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding Coordinator

Love Tips: First Look Photos

first look

Photo Credit: Fletch Power Films

Every now and then it’s fun to break away from tradition and first look photos are my favorite way to do that! Many couples do not even know what first look photos are and forget that the wedding is truly their own to customize. I love when couples want to be different and make their wedding day about them and intertwine their personality in it.

First look photos are exactly what it says, first look. Traditionally the couple does not see each other until the ceremony but first looks incorporate intimate time for the couple that they would not get until the reception is over. (First look photos can be used for mom/dad of the couple and the bridal party. I love dad reactions of seeing their daughter dressed in their gowns!) Here are 2 reasons to take first look photos…

  • Private time: Weddings are a day of go, go, go. In actuality couples do not get to spend a minute alone enjoying time with each other and just living in the moment of their big day. First look photos allow for these because they are private moments where it’s just you two and the photographer. You can gush and love on each in private without someone coming to say congratulations or take an “usie” for Instagram (not that we don’t love that!)
  • Saves time: One thing I don’t like is a picture wedding, this is a wedding that has a couple running around taking pictures all day. The couple gets no time to have fun with each other or their guests because they’re spending hours getting their picture taken. First look photos allows you to cut down the list of photos taken during the cocktail hour (because realistically everyone does not have a full hour) and doesn’t make you have to leave the reception to finish photos. Timelines are very important in weddings and I promise you your wedding planner will be thankful if you start your day earlier to get these photos in. Once you two have taken your first looks you can invite the bridal party and get all those shots done also.

Now after those 2 reasons please tell me why would you not want first look photos? Have you seen all the images that pop up on Pinterest for them? Here’s a few, they are totally full of love! And yes the picture up top is my husband and I on our wedding day, I love the images we got!

first look

Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist

first look

Photo Credit: XOXO, Tammy

first look

Photo Credit: Michelle Newell Photography

first look

Photo Credit: Simply Bloom Photography

Have a great weekend!
xxx Nichole