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Say Hello to YLE Bride…Charnele

Orlando Wedding Planner


How did you two meet:

Carl and I both met in 2009. We both worked at Taco Bell. Taco Lovers! I don’t know why he worked for Taco Bell as much as he loves Burgers. I call him Junior Bacon Cheese. Plus his real name is Carl Baker Jr so it all just goes together lol.

When did you know he was going to be your husband, did he know before you:

I knew that he was going to be my husband because of who he was. Carl and I are a match made in heaven. The sacrifices that I have witnessed Carl put in for this relationship is a beautiful thing. He has always made me feel special in every aspect. He has helped me become a better person and whenever you can bring someone into your life that can change your stubborn ways you definitely have a winner. We complete each other. Many of our family and friends refer to us the Power Couple!

orlando wedding planner

How did he propose, when, where:

Well Carl is a very shy person rather he will admit it or not. Carl proposed on Sept 15, 2012! Yes it’s been a long time lol. I was asleep and Carl woke me up but he was sitting on the Floor beside the bed right next to me. He told me happy birthday and asked me to marry him. I honestly thought it was just one of my many dreams about us being engaged but it was reality. I immediately cried and said “Yes!” I called up my entire family! I must admit he has good taste. lol

Describe your wedding in three words:

Elegant, romantic and exciting

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day:

I’m looking forward to everything honestly. When you have such a group of good people It’s hard to just say one thing….Wait! Im looking forward to seeing my Junior Bacon Cheese Ballroom dance with his two left feet. OMG!

What do you two do in your free time:

In our free time we go shopping and go to the gym. We watch all the shows on TV together and cuddle, of course it’s my favorite.

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Weekly Wrap Up

Orlando Wedding Coordinator

Hi y’all –

Last week was a crazy busy week but as always I try and fit in some fun! One of my favorite things was being able to attend my local TuesdaysTogether! I have never been an extrovert so going to a networking event alone was terrifying BUT I had a great time! I know it’s crazy that I’m a wedding planner meeting all these couples and I’m very introverted but it’s so true. One of my goals this year was to get out of my comfort zone and get out there and network.

Rising Tide

TuesdaysTogether was started to promote community over competition which is missing a lot in the world of event planning. I was able to meet and mingle with fellow wedding planners, photographer and make up artists. It was a non networky (yes I made that word up!) network event. I can’t wait to see all the ladies and gents again next month! I have been needing head shots and I am so elated that our next meeting is a head shot party, whoop whoop! I can’t even tell you how much I’m paying because it’s really nothing, so thankful for Amalie for putting it all together!

As always I had vendor meetings fill up my schedule because I have 5 weddings for October, yes 5. I have an event every weekend and I’m beyond happy for that! I love the busyness that comes along with being a wedding planner…my other favorite part is speaking with new potential YLE couples. This week I had the opportunity to speak with two couples for two totally different reasons. One of my potential couples I really believe we will mesh well! She is getting married next year October (I’m telling you it’s a popular month) and even though she’s a Seminole her future husband is a Gator lol…I love my Gators! My other couple I had a consult with is planning a destination 40th birthday down here in Orlando and they want a planner, I’m so excited about their color combo and the FOOD!!

Family wise this week was hard because I was out and about a lot and didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them. To make up for it all we went to Sea World yesterday. I actually have annual passes and I haven’t gone a single time, SMH don’t judge me! Yesterday was so HOT and we only lasted an hour. Next time around I will plan better and check the show times. We weren’t able to see any shows and really felt like there was nothing for my daughter to do. In the end we still had fun and ended up at Bento’s for some sushi (I love my sushi!) so we ended the weekend on a good note.

Orlando Wedding Coordinator

This week I am living out my dream because it is my two year anniversary since I made Young Love Events official. I have been an Orlando Wedding Coordinator for 2 years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with 28 brides from everywhere. It has been amazing how many destinations brides I’ve been able to work with from California, Maryland and even England! Corporate event planning was so different and I’ve loved every minute of it!

Well guys I will chat with you all on Wednesday for a Wedding Wednesdays post!

Be sure to check in on our Instagram for all of our celebrating this week! @youngloveevents #yleturns2

xo (this so reminds me of xoxo Gossip Girl lol)

Dan + Christi

Couple: Dan + Christi
Wedding Date: June 20, 2015
Wedding Venue: Ocoee Lakeshore Event Center
Cake: 4Rivers
Catering: 4Rivers
Rentals: Brass Pin Linen
Photographer: Jenna Michele Photography
DJ: Bob Jaeger
Wedding Coordination: Young Love Events

“I would recommend Nichole to anyone who needs a day of coordinator. She is very knowledgeable and was always there when I had any questions. She was always prompt in responding to emails. The day of the wedding she had everything under control and everything went smoothly with no worries.”

Orlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding Coordinator

Weekly Wrap Up

Orlando Wedding CoordinatorHey All!

I’m so happy to be doing this weekly wrap up as it will be my last before I am out on maternity leave. I am expecting a baby very soon and I will be going on maternity leave beginning on Monday, June 29th and will return on Monday, August 3rd. Enough of that and now onto last week’s events!

Last week was a wedding week so in tradition it consisted of a lot of last minute details and phone calls. Saturday’s wedding was a long time coming as the Bride’s mom hired us last year. I’ve been working with her for close to a year prepping for Saturday and all of our hard work paid off. Some things were easier than others but like always things turned out excellent. As a coordinator I always remind my clients that I will make sure everything goes smoothly, whether it’s according to plan or not. We had rehearsal on Thursday and we were able to finalize everything. Unfortunately the forecast was saying rain which we were worried would affect the pictures but God was looking out. Our amazing photographer was able to do all the pictures before the ceremony and we did not even have to worry about outdoor pictures in the rain (she did take an amazing shot of the couple with the rainbow…be on the lookout for when those pro pics are posted on the blog. The wedding was at Ocoee Lakeshore which is a beautiful fairly new venue. One of my favorite parts of the wedding, besides the grooms amazing grandparents dance moves was the cookie bar, which is a Pittsburg tradition. I can’t say I enjoyed the couples entrance song as it was the FSU fight song LOL…Go Gators! The wedding was full of personal touches and was a DIY wedding gone RIGHT! It was family oriented and focused and I loved that aspect. Here’s a couple phone shots for you all to enjoy!

I’ll stop by and post a weekly wrap up every now and then while I’m on leave but until then enjoy the Real Wedding posts that are coming up!

xxx Nichole


Orlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding CoordinatorOrlando Wedding Coordinator

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