Love Tips: Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

Orlando Wedding Coordinator

“My venue has a coordinator already, why do I need you?” As day of wedding coordinators in Orlando we have heard this question numerous times. We can not stress enough that there is a difference and if you do not hire a wedding coordinator you will see the difference. Below are some ways wedding and venue coordinators differ.

Your venue coordinator works for the venue not YOU! On your wedding day your venue coordinator will be there to open the venue and make sure that the venue is taken care. The venue coordinator composes the contract between you and the venue and they ensure you and your hired vendors follow it. Most venue coordinators will be seen at the beginning of the wedding and are usually gone once the reception begins.

Your day of wedding coordinator, at least here at Young Love Events, is there to work for YOU! We start working with you 4-6 weeks before your wedding day and will take care of any issues that arise on your big day. We coordinate the rehearsal and make sure when the ceremony time comes that everyone is in place and knows when it’s their go time. We make sure your other hired vendors are performing the duties you’ve hired them for and we’re there to place your personal items. Our day of wedding coordinators at Young Love Events will be with you until you make your grand exit.

Don’t make the mistake of not hiring a day of wedding coordinator. Don’t put the pressure on mom or aunt to be the one to take care of the day of details, we are specialists in this area so leave it to us! Remember your venue coordinator is not there to serve you on your day they are there to serve the venue.

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